Fairtech Systems

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Fairtech Systems

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Business Category
Packaging Product & Material, Paper Paper Products, Business And Services, Machinery & Equipment, Printing Publishing, Labels, Adhesive Chemical, Barcode, Barcode, Digital Printing Services, Tags, Plastic Film, Laminated Rolls, Labelling Machines, Label, Sticker And Tags, Textile Labels, Sticker And Tags, Stickers, Gumming Sheet, Printing Inks & Other Supplies, , Printed Labels, Packaging & Printing Service, Protective Film, Handmade Paper, Silicone Sealant, Flexographic & Flexo Machinery, Packing Accessories, Paper Rolls, Printed Paper, Packaging Adhesives, Packaging Rolls, A4 Label, Address Labels, Adhesive Printing Label, Adhesive Raw Materials, Bakery Labels, Barcode, Barcode Label, Barcode Label, Barcode Printing Services, Barcode Ribbons, Barcode Ribbons, Barcode Stickers, Barcode Stickers, Barcode Tags, Barcode Tags, Barcode Tags, BoPET Film, BOPP Film, BOPP Label, BOPP Thermal Film, Bottle Labelling Machine, Bottle Labels, Brand Labels, Brand Labels, Cable Labels, CD Labels, CD Sticker, Chocolate Stickers, Chrome Sticker, Chromo Gum Sheet, Chromo Labels, Clothing Labels, Clothing Labels, Coding Ink, Colorful Label, Computer Labels, Computer Printing Label, Custom Labels, , Custom Printed Labels, , Die Cut Labels, Die Cut Sticker, Direct Thermal Labels, Dome Stickers, Domed Labels, Domino Printing Ink, DOT Labels, Electronic Labels, Embossed Sticker, Flex Printing Services, Food Product Labels, Footwear Label, Garment Sticker, Garment Sticker, Garment Tags, Garment Tags, Gift Label, Gift Sticker, Gift Tags, Glass Films, Glass Labels, Graphic Label, Gummed Labels, Handmade Paper Sheets, Hanger Sticker, High Temperature Adhesives, High Temperature Labels, Jewellery Labels, Jewelry Sticker, Jewelry Tags, Label Printing Machine, Label Sticker, Label Stickers Printing Services, Label Stock Roll, Label Stock Sheets, Labels, Laptop Sticker, Logistics Label, Logo Label, Logo Stickers, Logo Tags, Logo Tags, Multi Color Flexo Printing Machine, Multi Color Printing Services, Multi Layer Label, Multicolor Stickers, Package Printing Services, Packaging Consumables, Packaging Sticker, Paper Labels, Paper Stickers, Paper Tags, Paper Tags, Plain Stickers, Plant Label, Plastic Tags, Pre Printed Labels, Price Labels, Price Labels, Price Tags, Price Tags, Printed Labels, Printed Paper Rolls, Printed Paper Rolls, Printed Stickers, Printed Tags, Printed Thermal Paper Roll, Printed Thermal Paper Roll, Product Labels, PU Labels, PU Labels, PVC Labels, PVC Stickers, PVC Tag, Removable Stickers, RFID Label, Roll Form Sticker, Roll Labels, Safety Labels, Safety Sticker, Satin Labels, Satin Labels, Satin Printed Label, Satin Printed Label, Satin Printed Label, Seal Adhesive, Seal Label, Security Labels, Self Adhesive, Self Adhesive Labels, Self Adhesive Polyester Labels, Self Adhesive Stickers, Self Adhesive Tags, Self Adhesive Vinyl Roll, , Serial Number Stickers, Sticker Sheet, Taffeta Labels, Taffeta Labels, Taffeta Roll, Taffeta Roll, Tamper Evident Label, Tamper Proof Labels, Thermal Label, Thermal Paper Rolls, Thermal Stickers, Thermal Transfer Labels, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Vinyl Labels, Vinyl Sticker, Void Sticker, Warning Labels, Warranty Labels, Wax Resin Ribbon, Wax Resin Ribbon, Wax Ribbon, Wax Ribbon
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Key Personnel
11-50 People
Ownership Type
Individual (Sole proprietorship)
ISO 9001:2008

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